Lawsuit Claims TGI Fridays potato skins contain…wait for it… no potato skins

reuters.comNEW YORK (Reuters) – It is acceptable to sell French fries that are not made in France, but a new lawsuit says it is not acceptable to sell potato skin snack chips that are not made from potato skins.

A New York City woman on Wednesday sued TGI Fridays, in a proposed class action claiming that the company, known for its restaurants, misleads consumers by selling “Potato Skins” snacks that contain potato flakes and potato starch, but no skins.

The lawsuit by Solange Troncoso said the Idaho Potato Commission and others inside and outside the industry have associated potato skins with healthy eating since they started appearing on restaurant menus a half-century ago.

It said TGI Fridays’ misleading packaging for its bacon ranch, cheddar and bacon, and sour cream and onion potato skins snacks defrauded Troncoso and other consumers into purchasing an “inferior product,” either by mistake or at a “full” price.

“The presence of potato skins imparts a further value in the eyes of reasonable consumers,” according to the complaint filed in Manhattan federal court, which seeks unspecified damages.

Troncoso said she sued after paying $1.99 last June for a bag of TGI Fridays Sour Cream & Onion Potato Skins at a convenience store in the borough of the Bronx, where she lives.

I really gotta get down with one of these petty lawsuits because we’re gonna look this up in a few months and we’re gonna find out that Solange got paid a undisclosed amount to let this thing go smh. I never tried those snacks ( I mean seriously if i’m going to eat chips i’m not getting TGI Fridays store brand skin chips) but I believe her. #IStandWithSolange

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