Millennial Hamburglar Eats Up To $2,000 In Meals By Hacking McDonald’s App

cbc.caThe mysterious Quebec hamburglar has struck again, racking up more than $2,000 worth of meals at different McDonald’s in Montreal. This time, an unsuspecting Toronto tech writer got stuck with the bill. 

“I was just panicked because that’s a lot of money,” said Patrick O’Rourke, managing editor of the tech news site, MobileSyrup.

Tech writer Patrick O’Rourke is the latest victim of the McDonald’s app scam where a fraudster infiltrates a customers’ account and runs up big orders. (Bradley Bennett)

The fraudster pulled off the fast-food scam by infiltrating O’Rourke’s McDonald’s mobile app account, which was linked to his debit card. The scammer then used the app to order more than 100 meals for pick-up between April 12 and 18. The smorgasbord included McFlurries, Big Macs, Chicken McNuggets and poutine.

“It could be one guy who was able to hack my account and he shared it with a bunch of his friends across Montreal, and they all just went on a food spree,” said O’Rourke, who’s baffled by the crime.

His case follows a string of complaints from other Canadian customers who’ve claimed either online or to media outlets that someone hacked their McDonald’s app account and ran up big bills.

None of the four victims CBC News has interviewed live in Quebec, but in each case, fraudsters ordered meals for pick-up at a McDonald’s in the province.

How sick would you be if you went to go check your bank account and found out that some random dude ran up 2k worth of McDoubles on your shit?! This is such a 2019 crime , I swear I watched a bad movie with the same plot line like 10 years ago. The only way this is okay if somehow this is a McDonalds Robin Hood scheme and whoever is behind this is feeding the homeless and needy……but we all know it’s just some hungry dudes or ladies that are good with programming and just trying to get their scam on…games the game I guess.

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