Burger King counters McDonalds Happy Meals by announcing the launch of “Moody Boxes”

foxbusiness.comBurger KingOpens a New Window. is trying to hit McDonald’s where it really hurts — by targeting its most iconic menu item, its “Happy Meals.”

On Wednesday, the burger chain announced it’s launching a new collection of meal boxes that lets the customerOpens a New Window. choose how they feel.

“No one is ‘Happy’ all the time,” Burger King said in a press release.

Dubbed as “Real Meals,” customers will be able to order Whopper-based meal boxes in a variety of different moods – and “happy” isn’t one of them.Sponsored By Angelsoft.Com

Mood boxes include the ‘Pissed’, ‘Blue’, ‘Salty,’  ‘YAAAS’  (slang for yes) and the ‘DGAF’ meal, which is an acronym that means, “Don’t give a f—-.”

Burger King, which is notorious for its off-the-wall marketing stunts to drive in customers, said this campaign comes with a deeper message this time.

The Florida-based burger chain said it partnered with Mental Health America on the campaign for Mental Health Awareness Month, which kicks off in May, to encourage people to “be and feel their way.”

Okay at first when I read the headline I was like cmon man there HAS to be a better marketing plan than just blindly trying to appeal to millennials, genxers and hipsters however I have reconsidered my position after thinking about how dope it would be to stop at Burger King after a night or day of partying and grabbing a “DGAF” whopper box to destroy and now i’m all in.

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