Cocaine found in shrimp –  A study looking at freshwater marine life in the U.K. has an alarming conclusion ā€“ cocaine and illegal pesticides inside freshwater shrimp.

The research looked at the exposure of wildlife, including the freshwater shrimp Gammarus pulex, to different micropollutants when the researchers came to the startling revelation.

“Although concentrations were low, we were able to identify compounds that might be of concern to the environment and crucially, which might pose a risk to wildlife,” the study’s lead author, Dr. Thomas Miller, said in a statement.

This broke on twitter a few days ago, but I was to busy eating tacos and drinking tequila to be bothered with blogging it….here’s my thoughts on the matter…1. I’ve said before “Damn these fried shrimp are CRACK!” because they were so addicting…little did I know… 2. I know the only thing i’ll be ordering at day parties this summer..

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