Because Its Florida: Florida Woman Arrested At Burger King Had Seven Syringes Stashed in Her Vagina

thesmokinggun.comMAY 9–In what may be a U.S. record, a Florida Woman had seven syringes stashed inside a body orifice when she was booked into a county jail late Tuesday evening, records show.

Police were called to a Burger King on May 7 in reference to “a female snarling and yelling at staff.” The suspect, cops were told, was refusing to leave the Largo restaurant.

When officers arrived, they detected “several indicators of narcotics usage” on the part of Jeymie Wescott. The 35-year-old Wescott, pictured at right, consented to a search of her “property and person,” according to an arrest affidavit.

During a pat down, Wescott “pulled away” as an officer “searched the right side of her groin area.” The cop reported feeling “something hard in her vagina area.” While refusing to identify the item, Wescott reportedly “spontaneously uttered she ‘fucked up.’”

Seriously….Florida is basically another planet at this point right? Like I feel like we might be approaching a quarantine situation soon if these headlines keep coming from the sunshine state. Also if she shoved 7 syringes in her lady parts that means shes easily done more before with no problem and just never got caught…helluva achievement Jeymie and I think someone should call Guinness immediately.

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