Gotta Hear Both Sides: Man Arrested After Eating Free KFC For A Year Claiming He’s From Head Office

ladbible.comWe’ve all got a mate who’s gone back around the drive-thru, claiming an item has been ‘missed’ from their order even though it’s most definitely right in front of them – only be met with a polite apology before receiving a substitute for said ‘missing’ item (and sometimes an extra portion of chips to soften the blow).

But what one 27-year-old fella did was quite close to genius – only it just missed the mark because he has now been arrested and will appear in court after allegedly scamming his way to eating free at KFC for an entire year.

Signs outside a closed KFC restaurant in Clapham, south London, as the fast food outlet has been forced to close a raft of stores after a new delivery contract with DHL resulted in chicken shortages across the country.

The man was wearing suits and had confidence apparently. Credit: PA

The South African man is reported to have told employees of the fast food chain that he had been sent from the KFC headquarters for quality checks to make sure the chicken was up to standard.

According to India Today, the University of KwaZulu-Natal student would walk in with confidence and tell staff he was there for quality assurance checks of the food served in the restaurant.

It has also been reported that the unnamed man carried an ID card from ‘head office’ and would dress very smart – even arriving in a limousine. Credit where credit’s due, that’s dedication.

Well, according to Xpouzar, the man’s friend is a part-time limo driver and seemed to be a pretty good alleged accomplice for pretending you’re a man with status, by the sound of things.

I’m pretty sure Deano speaks for all of us….what a fucking legend! This is one of those “don’t hate the player hate the game” type of scenarios. If anything the employees are the one’s a fault…not this no named hero who was just trying to get his 3 piece and a biscuit for free on.

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