#TBT Bye Baby: Restaurant Chains South Jersey Waved Goodbye To

South Jersey is notoriously known for its fickle taste in food and extremely rude sports fans. Not a traditionally culinary hotbed so, if you plan on bringing any kind of franchise to us you really better come wit’ it. Unsurprisingly, we have seen our fair share of restaurants come and go. Here are some of the few we wish would have stuck around though.



God damn them silver dollar pancakes. Once the country’s largest restaurant chain is now down to two remaining stores nationwide. Pops used to take my brother and I here for breakfast on the weekends. It was solid from what I can remember being they were gone before I hit 8 yrs old. I distinctly remember going in on those silver dollars though. Fucking nastalgia.



Good ole’ Ponderosa. The buffet/steakhouse chain that never made it to the new millennium. It’s building still stands to this day right behind PJs in Moorestown. When you walked in you were given the option to order from the steakhouse menu or grab a plate and head for the buffet. This is where you came for under priced steaks and unlimited salad bars.



Anyone who knows me knows I looooooovvvveee let me repeat it loooovvvveeeee seafood. Needless to say I shed a tear when they took this place away. My aunts who probably loved seafood more than me always took me here. Fried shrimp and hush puppies, then it was a wrap for me.



Another breakfast spot my father would take us on the weekends. A down south breakfast/brunch buffet chain that was brought to South Jersey. Unfortunately, it didn’t fare well only lasting a couple of years. It’s a shame because those sticky buns was hittin’, and if you’re an avid Rick and Morty fan like myself you will recall that Rick’s inner mind is a Shoneys. Classic



Yes, another seafood spot but was only found in malls around this area. Honestly I was not a huge fan of fish-n-chips, but they always were on point with their hush puppies game.



Before there was Boston Market there was Kenny Rodgers Roasters. Quality roasted chicken and sides, although I didn’t care too much for the cornbread with actual kernels of corn in it. It’s really easy to forget about this place since we now have Boston Market. Kenny Rodgers holds a place forever in pop culture because ironically, it was made famous by Kramer from a hilarious episode of Seinfeld.



Happy Birthday to you cha-cha-cha. All 80s baby’s remembers having a birthday at Chi Chis and their “Mexican” themed birthday song. They served up some dope fajitas and chances are they introduced you to fried ice cream. Luckily for myself I was too young to enjoy any of their entrees, as they were the cause of the largest hepatitis A outbreak in the country, which came from contaminated green onions in their manufacturing plant. Fucking gross.



One of the first fast casual restaurant chains in the area Bennigan’s was a trail blazer. Anytime you walk into an Applebee’s, Chilis, or Friday’s you are witnessing Bennigan’s influence. The only thing I ever ate from there were the beer battered chicken fingers but they were A1. Bad business practice and ever growing competition did them in, although there are still a few floating around in the south

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