Tomorrow is National Fast Food Day: Consumers would ditch Netflix, underwear for consequence-free fast food

Fast food is a major part of our culture. Apart from the convenience fast food joints like Mcdonald’s and Wendy’s provide, the standard fare of burgers and fries are a staple of most consumers diets. In fact, we love fast food so much we even created a holiday to celebrate it! National Fast Food Day is tomorrow, November 16th, and there’s no doubt people will be celebrating by chowing down on their favorites. The team at Postmates wanted to take a deeper look into just how deep this love of fast food goes, so they surveyed consumers across the nation on what they would give up to be able to bing fast food without any negative effects.

Sound like a dream you never knew you had? It turns out, most Americans feel the same way. Postmates’ survey shows people would go to extremes to take advantage of this fast food perk, such as dropping their Netflix account, giving up booze and never napping again. And surprisingly, hygiene is not super important when compared to unlimited nuggets and fries. While 4% would never brush their teeth again, 12% said they would be willing to go commando for life for this fast food fever dream. See below for a breakdown on what they uncovered:

  • What would you give up to eat fast food without any consequences?
    • Alcohol – 37%
    • Netflix – 27%
    • Naps – 13%
    • Underwear – 12%
    • Cell Phone – 7%
    • Toothbrush – 4%

The convenience of these fast food joints can not be understated (or underappreciated). When consumers were asked if they would ever accept free food from a stranger, 11% would ignore what they learned about stranger danger growing up and take the food anyways. The most trusting group? 18–24 year olds, as 17% would take that free food without question.

No matter if you plan to wait in the drive through lane or order fast food for delivery, there are plenty of ways to celebrate National Fast Food Day this weekend. Just make sure to brush your teeth afterwards, okay?

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