Kings of R&B(Ribs&BBQ)-NJ


I know another BBQ review *sighs* but trust me I wouldn’t waste your time if it wasn’t lit. Out of 5 stars I give it a 4 (pushing 4 1/2). First off let me start by saying Location Location Location! This little gem sits in Lambertville right over the bridge across from New Hope. For those not in the know the Lambertville/New Hope area is a beautiful quaint stretch of bars, B&Bs, and restaurants. More than Q is small with down home atmo oozing out of its core. The dining room is furnished with long family-style picnic tables. The staff is friendly, personable, and informative.

With that being said More Than Q serves up some serious hitting BBQ with a menu full of smoked meats, fried chicken, collard greens, mac & cheese, fried pickles and many more BBQ favorites. My girlfriend and I got a sampler with smoked brisket, pork spare ribs, collards, and mac & cheese. I also got the fried chicken sandwich for myself. The brisket was exceptionally smoked with smoke rings throughout the thick cuts. The ribs had a perfect blackened crispy crust with juicy tender meat(pause) awaiting on the inside. Don’t worry every table comes with an assortment of sauces including Carolina and South Carolina style BBQ sauces.


The fried chicken sandwich was breaded with a cornmeal crust, which we do as well at my restaurant, and kudos to them cause personally I feel that’s the only way it should be done. The sriracha mayo and pickle relish were a perfect touch as well.

Now for the sides… The mac & cheese was good, not great, but very good. The cornbread was a little dry and pretty run of the mill. The collard greens, first let me issue a disclaimer on Collards, if you’re going to do collard greens do them all the way or don’t do them. The collards were very bland and tough as if they were cooked for under an hour. Overall though it was a dope spot definitely worth checking out if you are in  Lambertville/New Hope area trying to get that BBQ fix.


  1. Laura (PA Pict)

    Thanks for another useful review. We have only eaten in Lambertville once. As a family of six, the waits for tables there and in New Hope can be just too long. My husband and kids love barbecue food so I am certain this would be a big hit with them.

    1. mohall49er

      Yes I can see More than Q as being a more family oriented spot with its picnic table style set up. Especially with a family of six! It may be a little difficult maneuvering through New Hope with that many in tow. You may want to save New Hope for a date night with your husband. I’m glad you found the reviews helpful and I hope you continue to follow because there is so much more to come.

      1. Laura (PA Pict)

        We go to New Hope fairly often – we just don’t eat there. Unfortunately, as immigrants with no family members living here to provide babysitting services, date nights are limited to when grandparents fly over for visits. We, therefore, tend to scout for places that are family friendly (though my kids are very well behaved when dining and have mature palates) and we eat out with them earlier in the day rather than evenings. I do, however, squirrel away knowledge of places where my husband and I might dine on those blue moon occasions when the grandparents are in country to babysit for us. So, yes, I will definitely continue to follow.

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