The Morning Trucker, Evergreen Dairy Bar-Medford, NJ

Finding that little diamond in the rough is always a great feeling. Traveling along on some random highway in an area you least expect anything good to come out of it, then pops out… BANG… that diamond.

This one goes by the name of Evergreen Dairy Bar. It is a small little diner type of establishment that looks like an old fashion rest stop. It’s on Route 70 in Medford, going east passed anything that resembles society. In high school, living in the Mount Laurel/Marlton/Medford area, I was taught as a black man to never venture beyond the Medford Super Wawa on 70. Engrained in my mind was “there’s nothing good beyond that point.”

Well I must say, this was a falsity. Evergreen is beyond the Wawa.

They are known for their breakfast and lunch sandwiches, and I chose to partake in breakfast this morning. As I walked in, I slid over to the bar and made my order for myself and my fiancé. I went safe and ordered a breakfast sandwich on a long roll. First of all, breakfast sandwiches on rolls are the tits. Everything is more. More eggs, more cheese, and most importantly, more breakfast meat. She ordered a veggie omelette with egg whites, spinach, tomato, mushrooms, and provolone cheese.

The girl who took our order was incredibly friendly, and had a super upbeat personality. There was a lot of energy among the staff as the college aged girls ran around joking with each other. It created an environment of friendliness and seemed like a fun place to work. Nevermind the fact that there were attractive college aged girls running around.

For less than $20 dollars both of my orders came out at the exact same time for take out. They were hot, and seemed nice and fresh. I quickly hopped in my vehicle and raced home, excited to taste this staple of the Medford community.

My fiancé definitely won the “best order” award between the two of us. My sausage egg and cheese on a roll aesthetically left a lot to be desired. I felt like I was wasting my time when I went to take a picture of it, because there was nothing special about how it looked. There is something safe about ordering a breakfast sandwich, though. It’s really difficult to mess up. A breakfast sandwich is the Joe Flacco of breakfast. It’s not going to win you any games with incredible hall of fame caliber play, but it won’t throw 3 INTs and lose you the game either. This analogy held true as I bit into my sandwich.

While it looked like an average sandwich on a roll, my mouth was overwhelmed with flavor as I chomped down on the sandwich. The roll was soft, and did not create a distraction from the main event. The cheese was strong flavored, and the eggs seemed nice and fresh. The greatness however, were the multiple sausage patties folded up and placed between the sides of the roll. Each patty was thick, well cooked, not overdone, and exploded with amazingness. A thin strip of ketchup from a packet topped off this traditional breakfast meal and got my day started the right way.

The omelette that my fiancé ordered was a work of art. The veggies were intertwined throughout the perfect white egg white omelette, which when accompanied by the mushrooms and the melted provolone cheese simulated heaven on each fork full. As an added bonus, hash browns came with the meal, which mixed with the omelette on every bite in a perfect strategically placed mix. Again, adding a little ketchup for flavor and color topped this breakfast off nicely

By 10am, both of us were sitting with our bellies full, combined with the added satisfaction that our metabolism had the start it needed for the day. The mental note I made afterwards was that I’d like to return to Evergreen and actually sit in the restaurant in order to take full advantage of the rest stop feel. Something about pretending to be a trucker on a long haul, stopping in for a refueling after a long night of cargo hauling makes me feel like the meal would taste even better.




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