Grubbin Sports: College Football Week 2 Preview

Week 1 is in the books and it was a doozy. It didn’t have all of the pizazz from last seasons opening week but it didn’t disappoint. Bama sent FSU packing with some good ole fashioned defense and the special teams was legit as always. Jalen Hurts ran around all game like a chicken with his head cut off but he did enough to get the job done. The Noles season went down the tubes with about 5 minutes left when Francois’s knee was rolled up on. My prediction of them being the first 2 loss playoff team went to shit pretty fast. Oh well.

Some more highlights from the week were the return of Will Grier to WVU but he wasn’t enough to knock off the Hokies. Texas was DRUBBED by the Terps in Tom Herman’s debut and if it wasn’t for their special teams it would have been even worse. The offense was downright putrid. The Milk Man did what he does at Michigan and that is win with some old school under the center football which is almost non existent anymore. Florida is still allergic to good quarterback play as well. Georgia Tech took the Vols to double OT but couldn’t hang on to get the win. The Vols offense is going to have a tough season in the SEC this year. Then there was Louisville in a battle with Purdue which still has me scratching my head. I predicted them to win by 50 which either means Purdue is back or Louisville is overrated yet again.

Then you have that Texas A&M debacle. I mean I have to admit I turned it off when it was 44-10 because UCLA’s offense looked awful and I assumed Sumlin would just milk the clock to get out of there with the road win. But boy was I wrong. Rosen tossed up a few questionable passes that turned into touchdowns and literally shifted the hotseat from Mora to Sumlin after week 1. Wild stuff in that game.

Now off to the Week 2 preview…

Game of the Week

2 Ohio State (-7.5) vs 5 Oklahoma

So Ohio State didn’t impress Thursday night against Indiana which wasn’t too much of a surprise considering their opening game struggles in the past. I do see a bounce back performance against the Sooners this week. Dobbins broke out against the Hoosiers which was a nice surprise and sometimes Baker Mayfield gets a little too hyped for some of these big games and starts forcing balls in spots he shouldn’t. JT Barrett will remain calm and lead the Buckeyes to a 17 point win Saturday night.

Top 25 Battles

6 USC (-6) vs 14 Stanford

This is a very interesting game Saturday night because USC is coming off a very unflattering performance against Western Michigan last week where the score was way too close for most of the game. Stanford returns from their Australia trip 2 weeks ago and is going to punch the Trojans in the mouth and do it often. Stanford catching 6 seems like a lot but I like them here to win outright by 4 points. You know that means take the Trojans. We all know Vegas never loses.

3 Clemson (-5) vs 13 Auburn

This game is going to come down to who will make more plays between Stidham and Bryant. Both teams combined for over 700 yards rushing last week which won’t be the case Saturday when they both face a potent defense. Still 250 yards will be attainable for Auburn and they get out of Death Valley with a W.

Underrated Matchup

Oregon (-13.5) vs Nebraska

This is a big game for both of these teams. Willie needs to prove early that he has started to toughen up the Ducks defensively and a bout against a Big Ten foe is always a good test. The one two punch of Herbert and Freeman will put up points but it will be up to their defense to avoid a shootout. As for Nebraska a lot of people have them as contenders in the West and this will be an early look to see if that can be the case once they enter conference play. Last weeks game against Arkansas State left a lot of questions about the Huskers unanswered still. Give me the Ducks but only by 10.

Irish Eyes Are Smiling

24 Notre Dame (-5) vs 15 Georgia

Now this will be an interesting look at both of these teams. Both are underachievers and have a lot of unanswered questions. Winbush looked good running the offense against Temple last week but lets keep in mind that was Temple under a new regime. I didn’t like all of the hits he was taking running the ball as it only takes one big hit against a SEC big boy to end our season. The running game is great again and the defense will find out where they stack up this week. Eason is out so Fromm is making his first road start at night in South Bend. Not the scariest place to do that but not preferable either. The fans will have that stadium rocking so Fromm will need to rely on Chubb and Michel early in the running game. I like Notre Dame by 3 points soley because this game is in South Bend and Georgia is starting a true freshman.

Welcome to:

Loser Town

Population YOU if you rolled with all of my picks last week. Not a terrible week at 2-3 but a loser still. WVU lost by 7 and looked like they had it until late. Louisville didn’t show up at all which is a noodle scratcher. Michigan took care of business like I knew they would and the Terps crushed Texas which I can’t say I saw coming but I knew covering those points would be doable. UNC should be ashamed of themselves for that performance against Cal. Just disgraceful. Here is what I like this week…

                      Against The Spread

OHIO STATE (-7.5) vs Oklahoma


AUBURN (+5) vs Clemson

BOISE STATE (+10) vs Washington State

                        Teaser (6 Points)

UTAH (+3/-3) vs BYU

SOUTH CAROLINA (+9/+3) vs Missouri

I am big on Ohio State this week and although I will be rooting for Wazzu there is no way they beat Boise by more than a TD and a loss is very possible. BYU has looked like trash all season so Utah is a no brainer and I have no idea why Missouri is favored over South Carolina which is why I took the extra points. That game scares me. I see either Auburn or Stanford coming away with the upset so one of those picks will probably be a loser. 2-3 start but today is looking…..probably like another loser. Only time will tell. Enjoy your Saturday!

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