Ranking the Food at the Masters

usatoday.com – Green jackets, pimento sandwiches, throwback prices. Those are some of the things patrons and members of the media rave about during Masters week. 

If you’ve never been lucky enough to snag a badge to Augusta National Golf Club, here’s what so good about the food, according to our experts.

Well folks it’s one of the best 4 day stretches in sports, The Masters.  I was lucky enough to be able to step foot on this sacred ground not once but twice a few years back and nothing lives up to the expectations more than Augusta (and not the town, it’s trash).  It’s not just the fairways, greens and rough that are perfectly manicured…EVERYTHING is perfectly manicured.  It runs like a finely tuned machine as well.  People constantly ushering you and keeping you moving but in a good way.  Hell they are even in the bathroom pointing you to the next open urinal or stall.  That was a new one for me.

But enough about the course, let’s get into the food.  Augusta is known for good food and low prices.  You can have yourself a nice hearty lunch for about $6 and this ain’t McDonald’s dollar menu stuff.

Let’s start with #1 on this article which is the Egg Salad Sandwich.  I couldn’t agree more with the writer that it has the perfect taste and somehow the bread doesn’t get soggy and gross.  Nothing scares me more than egg salad and the hot Georgia sun.  Not a good combo there but like everything at the Masters they perfected it.

Masters Egg Salad Sandwich

#2 is  the Masters Club.  Honestly I can’t remember that one so I will agree that it is good.  Why wouldn’t it be right?

Masters Club

As for #3 the Pimento Cheese I have to agree is an acquired taste so one of those was enough for me.  I didn’t hate it but I can live without it.  Maybe it’s a Southern thing that a filthy Yankee like me just couldn’t appreciate.  Who knows.

Masters Pimento Cheese

Then there is #4, the panty dropper, the Peach Ice Cream Sandwich.  I smashed about 3 of these a day while I was there and if the lines weren’t long I would have made it a half dozen.  Pure greatness.

Peach Ice Cream Sandwich

The chips sit at #5 and I am going to be honest I am not a huge chip guy so I can’t really comment on how good they were.  Sorry not sorry.


Honorable Mention: the Ham & Cheese as well as Turkey & Cheese on Rye were home runs for $2.50 and the Bar-B-Que sandwich was on point for a mere $3.00.

Related image
Ham and Cheese
Can’t beat $4 dollar beers

The BIG winner though is the $4 and $5 prices for beer which is UNHEARD OF at any sporting event you go to and with that you get to keep the all too popular plastic Masters cup.  Now you may be saying to yourself c’mon Jay who the hell cares about a stupid plastic cup and I would say to you EVERYONE DOES YOU IDIOT!!!  Sorry that may have been harsh but I left there with about 8 myself and dudes were walking around with no lie 30 of them stacked up.  Literally I saw one guy buy a Sweet Tea, take one sip and then dump it out and add it to his cup collection like a psychopath.  Not going to lie though I do use them whenever I run out of that 250 cup bag from Costco.

If you ever get the chance to go The Masters it truly is a bucket list item and another thing that makes it so great and unique is that you can only buy the Merchandise at Augusta (which is how it should be everywhere). Also they put up a brand new pro shop which is marvelous.  Check it out below and if you are near Augusta this week visit John Daly over in the Hooters parking lot.  He’s there all week smashing cheap beer, cigarettes and old haggard tail.  Some things never change….

(Disclaimer – not the real John Daly but probably not far off either)

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