Mikes BBQ (Brisket Cheesesteak) – South Philadelphia

“Game changer” is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Mike’s Brisket Cheesesteak. I first heard of this unique take on Philly’s favorite sandwich from our friends over at the Jawn Appetit podcast, shoutout to Roy and Chanell, and I’m happy I did because it’s one of the best things I’ve tried this year. Mike’s BBQ is located in the heart of South Philly at a cozy location and is open Wednesday through Sunday from 12pm- 6pm or whenever the bbq runs out. Let me tell ya’ll something, you better get with the Mike’s wave early because they almost always run out of food. I walked up at 12:05 and there was already a line basically out the door, yes it’s that fucking good.



Now full disclosure to my JG fam, as much as I was looking forward to this sandwich I was skeptical. In my experience as a cheesesteak connoisseur the specialty cheesesteaks usually never live up to the hype. Well not only did this beauty live up to the hype, it exceeded it something serious. Before you even make it to the door you’re hit with the mouthwatering smoky BBQ scent, so before you get to the front to even place your order you’re already drooling. I got to the front and ordered a cheesesteak and mac and cheese, as I was waiting I noticed the menu on the wall written on ripped up brown paper bag….right there I knew I was in for a treat. I wanted to try one of everything on the menu after watching people walk by with massive trays of sausage, ribs, pulled pork, chicken and more…all jokes aside I almost straight up took a rib off of one guys tray because it looked so good. Thank god my food came out right as I regained my composure because it was about to go down.



Mike’s basically took all the basics of the Philly classic but somehow improved them. It comes with diced onions and their own homemade custom melted cooper sharp cheese whiz, on a seeded Carangi roll… combine that with their tender juicy brisket (they smoke their brisket over wood for 14 hours before cutting it into slabs) and you my friends have yourself a masterpiece. I’ve had a lot of outstanding cheesesteaks but I’ve never had one like this, the marriage of the melted cooper sharp and the succulent brisket is perfect. I can confirm this because me and the whole JG podcast returned a week later to have a “show meeting”, which was just us devouring cheesesteaks and nodding our heads up and down even though no one was speaking. The mac and cheese was really good as well, they make there’s Italian style which was a nice little change up from the norm. If you can’t tell yet Mike’s  gets a 10 out of 10 from your boy and now I want a damn brisket cheesesteak, Mike I’m on the way!


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  1. Lilli

    Pretty sure that special sounds like the thing I need in my life too. The bacon wrapped brisket burnt ends? Yeaaahh, count me in for five orders. Hehe.

    On seriousness, I think I need to come here when I’m in Philly next!

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