News – “Man calls cops on passenger for eating burrito on train” – A video of a Northern California train passenger confronting another rider about his meal is going viral on social media.

The video, which was uploaded to Reddit on Sunday, shows a man on a Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) train in Oakland berating another passenger for disregarding the rules and eating a burrito.

“You can’t wait? The sign says no eating or drinking. You don’t get it? You must be stupid,” the man is recorded saying before getting up and going to the BART car’s intercom.

“I’ll get the police onboard, how about that?” he says while calling for an officer.

“Yes please, can you get a policeman onboard here? We’ve got someone dining here in the first car.”

Other people on the train can be heard laughing and encouraging the burrito eater, but the passenger eating does not seem to respond.

“You eat your burrito,” one says.

“You enjoy that s—,” another rider says as they disembark.

After the rule-breaker gets off at Coliseum station in Oakland, another passenger turns to the angry man and suggests that he “does not ride BART much.”

Look at this ol follow the rules ass snitch bitch here…I’ve rode public transportation and have watched people put down a meal with like 3 sides and didn’t give a shit…if anything it just helped me decide on what I’m eating for dinner that night. I mean just look at this guy and his fucking shirt, he absolutely was the kid that would remind the teacher that she forgot to collect the homework at the end of the class.


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