News – “Mac-and-cheese flavored candy canes to hit shelves in time for the holidays” – Macaroni-and-cheese flavored candy canes are hitting the market just in time for the holidays.

This is the work of a Seattle based company called Archie McPhee, famous for taking the classic cane and infusing some interesting and unexpected tastes.

The yellow and white striped concoctions are described as cheesy, just like your childhood favorite — on a stick.

People who have tried them say the impact is instant, they smell like cheese and taste like mac-and-cheese, but the sweetness overpowers the flavor eventually.

That’s just one review, you will have to try for yourself.

In the past, the company has also made gravy, bacon wasabi and pickle-flavored candy canes.

Honestly we white people need to leave well enough alone.  Traditional candy canes are cool.  Nothing wrong with a minty flavor, hell when you add fruit flavors to candy canes; honestly that’s awesome, makes me want to have some around the holidays.  However, let’s just stop with the really weird shit.  Mac & cheese?  Gravy? Bacon wasabi?  Seriously just stop… it’s not fucking needed.   

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