Chino’s Kitchen: Rib-eye & Brussel Sprouts

So if you don’t know, I’m part of the Raider Nation for life. We most recently pulled off a crazy OT win against the browns…yes the browns lol. To celebrate I had to get poppin in Chino’s Kitchen. I decide to cook up some nice rib-eye steak and brussels sprouts, which I am growing really fond of.

Where do I start? I began by cooking the Brussels sprouts since they take longer to cook. The rib-eye can wait since the ONLY way is medium RARE!! So my go to with recipe for Brussels is Garlic Parmesan.


1) Halved about 6 cups of Brussels Sprouts
2) Sautéed fresh minced garlic until brown on medium heat
3) Tossed in Brussels sprouts and cooked for 5 mins on medium high heat
4) Lowered heat to medium on sprouts and heated iron skillet with olive oil on medium high heat until oil was sizzling!!
5) Placed both ribeyes on the skillet and cooked both sides for 2-3 minutes each…Done!
6) Sprinkled grated Parmesan on the sprouts and mixed up
7) Served two plates and celebrated the victory…


Rib-eye & Brussel Sprouts are such a good combo. This would be one Chinos Kitchen go to when I want a really good meal. Stay tuned for more recipes from Chinos Kitchen!!

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