News – “Buffalo Wild Wings’ BBQ Pumpkin Sauce Flavor Is Peak Fall: Would You Try It?” – Buffalo Wild Wings is putting its own spin on the pumpkin craze. The fast-food chain, which is known for its tasty chicken wings, recently debuted a new line of seasonal menu items that are peak fall.

While there are some pretty standard offerings such as a grilled steak and cheese sandwich and pork street tacos, the most polarizing new addition to the BWW family appears to be the BBQ pumpkin ale sauce, which is available as a wing topping.

Dubbed “fall’s favorite flavor” on the Buffalo Wild Wings websiteOpens a New Window., this sauce consists of ale mixed with BBQ flavors and pumpkin spice for “a taste of the season.” Since pumpkin tends to be a divisive flavor (just look at how Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte is received each year) it’s not surprising that reactions to the gourd-flavored sauce have also be mixed.

One Twitter user remarked that although she would not be trying the BBQ pumpkin ale sauce, it is “better than when they tried to make ‘salted caramel’ wing sauce happen.” Added another: “Disrespecting bbq sauce like that is brutal.”

Okay so I wrote my blog confessing my new love affair with pumpkin spice lattes…so yes i’m a tad late on the whole pumpkin crave …even though I enjoy a good ass pumpkin beer, those are delicious. However this is what i’m talking about when I say some of these companies just go overboard with trying to catch whatever trend or wave that’s hot in the moment. WHO THE FUCK ASKED FOR PUMPKIN SAUCE WINGS MAN?! Like were there people just beating down the BWW doors pleading for this?? 

I always try to give new foods and condiments a try …seeing that i’m apart of this here food blog but theres certain things I just can’t see myself doing and this is one of them. ESPECIALLY if i’m the one paying for it out of pocket I’m sure White Chris or Leer will give them a go though at some point and maybe I can get them to write a review….but for me its a big fat no and a GTFOH.

Jamiel – Mannnnnn I’ve had a long day and now you’re telling me Buffalo Wild Wings is bringing the pumpkin spice?! Totally unacceptable. It’s just… not good. I know I’m in the wrong demographic but good lord the fall just doesn’t deserve this. 

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