Big Al’s Top 5 Potato Chip Brands Ranked

Hello….I’m here checking in with my quarterly blog post. I noticed that Lauren has been dropping rankings aka lists aka TOP lists, hmmmmmmmm sounds familiar. I’ll address this internal controversy on the next show though. I’m a huge fan of chips or as we describe it at JG “Chippage”. I’ll eat chips with every meal and at any function, i’ll take your mom on a nice date to a 5 star seafood restaurant and still pull a bag of chips out of my back pocket to compliment my lobster ravioli. Keep your judgment to yourself. As a chip eating professional it’s my duty to make sure you aren’t caught out in these streets with some bad chippage, it’s unforgivable beloved. Here’s my Top 5 chip brands:

5: Herrs

Image result for herrs chips

Doesn’t matter what flavor…because their all ass…in my humble opinion of course.

4: Utz

Not too much to say about them, they’re a decent chip. Sometimes they’re too salty but sometimes just enough salt. They barely made it at #4 but my hatred for Herrs is so deep they got bumped to this slot.

3: Ruffles

Image result for ruffles chips

I hate ruffled chips personally but their flavors are good

(editors note: “Al still doesn’t understand the difference between preference and the term hate…how can you “hate” something but fuck up a bag of these chips every single time I buy one..EVERY SINGLE TIME…if I hate something I’m damn sure not crushing the entire thing…and I mean that…he’ll eat the whole fucking bag smh…and it’s not because he’s hungry because there’s always other options..and yes i’m triggered because these are the best chips hands down!” – Lauren)

2: Pringle’s

Image result for pringles collage

Simply put… once you pop the fun don’t stop! That type of branding alone gets respect from me.

1: Is A Tie! Lays/Rap Snacks

Image result for lays chipsImage result for rap snacks

Lays has the best flavors, they’ve been around forever (I grew up on Lays) & you KNOW you can’t eat just one(☝🏾).  I Hated Rap Snacks when I was younger because they looked cheap as hell and like they would taste like some bullshit. But these new Rap Snackssssss maaaaaaannnn. The bags are bigger and their still cheaper than most of the other chips out there. The flavors are straight, the rappers on the bags is cool. Some of the old rappers are back and they have some new rappers and flavors. But mostly you can have delicious chips with a dab of ranch! MOMMA! (Takeoff/Offset voice).

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