News – “Chicago Bar Will Host Wake for Beloved Taco Bell Scheduled for Demolition” – It has been more than a year since C.J. Black jokingly suggested a rally to save the Taco Bell in Chicago’s Wrigleyville, the ever-renovating neighborhood on the city’s North Side. Last August, the Taco Bell was stamped with an expiration date, after a developer and mortgage broker paid $8.9 million for the property, promising to replace the Gordita Supremes and Double Chalupas with three-stories of upscale retail.

Although Black’s effort to save the restaurant was mostly tongue-in-cheek, it was a go-to late night (or early morning) joint for Wrigleyville residents, and for visitors who might’ve just been in the neighborhood for nine innings. “When I initially created the event, I did so with the sole intent of sharing it with three or four of my friends with whom I frequented the Taco Bell, and that’s it,” Black told MUNCHIES last August. “I thought that I was going to get a laugh out of a friend or two, and then it’d just fade into obscurity. I had no intention of this going beyond anything more than that.”

And his rally might’ve only existed as an internet in-joke (and it was a joke, despite the angry commenters suggesting otherwise), but there is a real-life plan to both remember and mourn the Taco Bell. According to Block Club Chicago, the Nisei Lounge, a dive bar that’s just a five-minute walk from that beloved Bell, will be hosting an Irish wake in its honor.

“Wrigleyville’s last bastion of burritos, gorditas, and good decision making is getting the wrecking ball in November,” the Nisei Lounge wrote on Facebook. “Though we’re Team Burrito Mexicano around here, we know greatness, and the Wrigleyville Taco Bell always had it, if not in the food or the service, but definitely in the people watching.”

See most people would laugh, tease and dismiss these people coming out for something like this but as a huge Taco Bell advocate I would absolutely attend this. Like Leer and Jay have said multiple times on here and on the podcast…nothing holds you down better than some late night TBell after a night of being a degenerate….and yes we know the aftermath…still worth it.

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