News – “This KFC Sandwich Is So Messy, It Comes With A Bib” – It used to be that you’d have to order a fancy lobster to get a free bib. Well, time’s a changin’ and, luckily, KFC UK wants to be fancy too.

The Dirty Louisiana will apparently make such a mess, that it comes with a free bib. The sandwich is KFC’s Original Recipe Fillet with the following; Black Pepper Mayo, Lettuce, Deluxe BBQ Sauce, Cheese, Hash Brown, Cheese, Supercharger Sauce & Gherkins. None of which you need ruining a perfectly good shirt.

The bib, of course, is branded with The Colonel logo and his unmistakeable bow tie, so you can play Colonel too. In fact, you may be the only person left who hasn’t played Colonel Sanders.

Oooooo talk about innovation…so two things here…1st why the hell isn’t this sandwich in the states?? This sounds like my kinda heart attack on a bun…2nd I wish every fast food place I ate at gave me a fancy bow tie bib

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