Lauren aka LBiddy -FounderNJ/PA

Lauren is a South Jersey native who is a sports enthusiast, music lover and a professional foodie/beer critic in his own mind. He dabbles in the art of Food Truck fine dining and all that it entails…if there’s a festival in the area…he’ll find it. He has been on a life long journey to discover the perfect cheeseburger and won’t stop until he finds it.

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Jamiel -Co-FounderNJ/PA

 A jack of all trades and several personalities, Jamiel is an entrepreneur who moonlights as a high school business teacher because he doesn’t want to use his law degree. His secret dream is for the NBA to adopt a 3v3 format. Food is the only reason he works at all, because park benches are lovely 75% of the time. 

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MK Colorado

MK is our surprisingly caucasian Colorado correspondent though, if you’ve ever been to Colorado, you know her level of caucasian isn’t that surprising. She specializes in marketing/advertising and bottomless mimosa brunches. Don’t let her small frame fool you she can out eat most adult men.

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Leer NJ/PA

Leer is about 2 things in this food world, hunting for the best buffalo chicken wrap, and eating hot dogs! (hot dogs are sandwiches btw). Come with me on this journey to discover the greatest buffalo chicken wrap around.

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I’m just a soul having a human experience… there’s great quality hot sauce in my purse at all times. 🤘🏾


Thato – Miami

Thato is New Jersey native residing in sunny Miami where he loves all things culinary. His weakness is a good Bar-B-Q! On a mission to find the best steak in the world!

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Chris – Michigan

Chris has a degree in foodology and after years of experience in food tasting, breaking down the right ingredients for ones taste buds, it was only right he kept the train of success going until he became a Foodologist. He’s here to bring you the best food experiences nation wide that will have you drooling and wishing “You” were the one eating, but guess what? It can and will be you, so put ya food bib on and let’s just grub!


Eric – Michigan

Eric is a laid back dude that loves sampling the different flavors this beautiful earth has to offer. His motto is “Lay back, relax, smoke a doobie, and just grub baby!!!”


Nick – Michigan

Nick is a current college student who loves basketball, football, hip hop and 90’s R&B music, food, and loves traveling.



Alyssa is a down to earth kind of girl. Philly native by choice but is really from all over the U.S. Enjoys cooking more than fine dining(due to brokenness…not by choice) but when she does eat out enjoys food with lots and lots of spice!



Big AlNJ/Wherever there’s good Chinese Food

Gerald Levert’s Protégé, Alan Is Just Trying To Pick Up Where Levert Left Off, Bench Press Large Houses & Small Volkswagens, & Pay Sallie Mae Back One Check @ A Time. Alan Is A Large Man Yet Has A Surprisingly Picky Appetite. Alan Is On A Never Ending Quest To Find The Best Chinese Food & To Get Off His Feet.

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Bop – NJ

Always home & rarely reppin’, but make no mistake, I always keeps one foot in the hood. #PizzaBoyz


Chino – NYC/NJ

Best pizza = NYC Pizza. Old soul and almost completely washed. Whisky or Bourbon on da rocks. Dive bars, hole in the walls, breweries, beach bars, and brunch spots are life. Day drinking, night drinking, afternoon drinking…works for me. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but mine will be constructive criticism…either your shit is great or your shit sucks. Forget in between. I’m hungry now…Any burger medium rare w/ lettuce tomato bacon and cheese and side of fries (Fuck fast food)



Highly trained in all h20 related foods.  I’d like to believe that the easiest death would be from Iodine poisoning.  There’s no better well wish than shellfish.


Jay NJ

Never met a college football game I didn’t want to watch. Allergic to social media and the gym.


Jerry NJ

Skinniest fat boy there is.  By day, Jerry is a mild mannered Registered Nurse in a Philadelphia Emergency Department. By night, he is carnivorous taster of all things animal, focusing his taste buds onto the foods of the ocean, and foods that fly. There is an old legend of Jerry once being able to eat a McDonald’s Big Mac with one hand and three bites. This earned him the nickname Donkey Kong back in high school.


Mo Hall NJ/PA

Sous chef, lover of music, sports, culture, and curvy woman. Maurice Hall is your typical everyday man. Equipped with a quick wit and a penchant for craft beer and the stickiest of the ickiest, Maurice is enthusiastically ready to change the world one entrée at a time.



South Jersey/Philadelphia Native, Baltimore Resident, Strength and Conditioning Coach. Searching for the best places to get these gainz. Not really though, I just wanna be a fat piece of shit?


XanderNew York

Xander is a fun loving brawlich scholar from Brooklyn that’s always looking for uncharted territory like Nathan Drake

Bill – Philly

Bill, like the other grubsters on here is a washed up athlete that enjoys cruising the pictures on yelp before he dedicates himself to a meal. Member of the light skin delegation, works for Comcast Sportsnet and thinks Jersey Cheesesteaks are way better than Philly cheesesteaks.


Kenny – Philly



Hodges is a washed up athlete. Looking to experience the finer things in life. Beach, beers, and bourbon lifestyle. Gettin’ them gainz one hefty meal at a time💪🏾



My name is Wayne. HS teacher, football coach, owner of House of Pain Training LLC, part-time grill master, and food connoisseur. I’m on a mission to find the best steak, burgers, and BBQ as I can! Come with me on my journey. 🤙🏿🤙🏿


Rodney AKA RodReal PA

 Music lover, but also a lover for good eats. Philly native, never bias keeps it real because the truth is all you need. God bless people.